Technology-Based Medical Care

Thanks to the capabilities of telemedicine, the doctor has constant access to the patient's vital indicators in real time. All its data is automatically transferred to a single health file along with the results of laboratory tests.

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Integrated care and personalized approach

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Modern solutions in health care

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Uncompromising commitment to quality

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Integrity, trust and transparency

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Give yourself the gift of peace

Long-term monitoring of vital indicators has a double effect: it significantly helps to make informed decisions and contributes to the reliability of diagnostics.

Individual treatment plan

Reminder to take medication

Direct access to research and consultation

Identification of risks

The combination of a portable device and software makes it possible to accurately diagnose patients at risk of deterioration.

High resolution for diagnostics

Rapid response to deteriorated health indicators

Recommendations and guidance from a health coordinator

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Gratitude is our reward

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the coordination with Dr. Nikolova! You have an amazing team! I am glad that I was lucky enough to address you. Professional with lots of kindness and attention! Be healthy!”

Tsetska Aleksandrova

48 years

“I am pleasantly surprised by your professionalism and I am very happy to have found you. The doctor said he would need a checkup in a few days. Please do what is necessary. Thousands of thanks.”

Tony Zwein

39 years

“Thank you for the perfect organization. We would also like to thank Dr. Ivanov! Competently, carefully, in detail!”


41 years

“I am impressed by the professionalism and good attitude of Dr. Nikolov, who continued to consult me by phone after the results of my research came out.”


48 years

“I want to share my impression of the examination with Dr. Pavel Nikolov. Professional, correct and responsive attitude. Thanks!”


36 years

“Both the lady who served me on the phone and the specialist who took my child's sample were both so professional and so attentive that I have no words to express my gratitude.”


38 years

“I will advertise to you in all the groups of Bulgarians abroad that I have access to, because it is invaluable to have the opportunity to take care of our loved ones from a distance.”


31 years

“Thank you for your kind attitude and quick response. It's great to have you. I will recommend it to my loved ones.”


48 years

Health care in four easy steps

Number 1
Telephone medical triage

During the initial phone call, a brief interview is conducted to assess the patient's requirements, specify the type and extent of necessary tests, provide instructions for test preparation, and schedule an appointment for consultation and/or a home visit.

Number 2
Carrying out the examination

Depending on the preference stated in the first conversation, the specific service is carried out in a medical center or on site, in the patient's home.

Number 3
Getting a treatment plan and results

Regardless of where the examination was performed, the patient receives a personalized treatment plan on the spot. If a test sample has been carried out, the results are received by e-mail.

Number 4
Additional assistance

One contact person - your coordinating assistant, who organizes the whole process, reserves hours for examination, consultation, treatment or, if necessary, additional services.

Entrust us to take care of your health

Contact us for a consultation to get the care you deserve. For you and your loved ones.

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