Your Health Partner

We are a company born from the idea of improving the patient experience and providing an easier and more modern path to health in Bulgaria.

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We have the knowledge and experience to help you.

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Human care

We are not just professionals, but your health partners.

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Our patients are calm because they know they are in good hands.

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Success is the result of many years of experience

Haelan is the fruit of the many years of experience of our creators, who are also founders of SAT Health, our parent company. Its extensive portfolio of services covers all areas of healthcare and includes the provision of high quality patient services.

Thanks to SAT Health, we were able to identify gaps in the healthcare system and develop a concept for a new company dedicated entirely to integrated health care. That's how we created Haylan to make the lives of doctors and patients easier and achieve more effective healthcare.

Our mission is to be by your side

With Haelan, integrated and technology-supported pre-hospital care is the standard. With us, you get comprehensive and reliable care that covers all aspects of your health. Anywhere, anytime, customized to your needs.

Our mission is to be there for you and your family when you need us. Trust our experience and choose a long-term health solution.

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Next-Generation Health Care

Integrated services are the most modern way of treatment. Through the power of science and the convenience of new technologies, we are able to overcome the limitations of traditional medicine and improve the overall patient experience.

We work in constant collaboration with experts to establish ourselves as leaders in integrated outpatient care aimed at quality medical care of a new generation.

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Committed and experienced professionals

Our doctors, consultants and specialists work in constant collaboration to keep abreast of the latest innovations and offer the best possible medical care.

Experts with proven experience in various fields of medicine

Health relationships built on trust, respect and empathy for patients

Haelan's values

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Integrated care and personalized approach.

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Modern solutions in health care.

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Uncompromising commitment to quality and experience.

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We put our energy and heart into everything we do.

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We put safety at the heart of everything we do.


We are guided by integrity, trust and transparency.

Become part of our team

As part of our team, you will have an active role in providing high quality medical services and innovative solutions to our patients.

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