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We recognise the importance of your role in healthcare and are here to provide innovative and flexible solutions to support and complement your hospital operation.

Integrated Healthcare Solutions for Hospitals

Our services are specifically designed to help you provide more comprehensive care for your patients.

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Home Visits by Health Professionals

They are useful for postoperative patients who require continuous care after leaving the hospital. Hospitals can send patients to us for preliminary preparation before surgery or admission.

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Follow-up care after dehospitalization

We offer a coordinated post-discharge care service that includes continuous monitoring and support of patients after leaving the hospital. This ensures that patients follow the recommended treatment instructions.

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Telemedicine consultation platform

This service complements your hospital operation by giving patients greater access to medical care such as consultations with doctors and specialists through virtual environments and remote monitoring with medical devices.

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Care for patients with chronic diseases

The service includes coordination of treatment, regular examinations and monitoring of the state of health, including remotely using medical devices. This helps to improve the lives of patients.

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Specialized healthcare solutions for Laboratories

We understand the importance of accurate and reliable results in medical research and are here to provide innovative solutions to facilitate and improve your laboratory practice.

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Home Sampling Visits

Our trained medical professionals conduct home visits to take blood and secretions for laboratory tests. This type of service provides your customers convenience and comfort without the need for them to visit your laboratory.

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Consultations and support

Our experienced specialists are available for consultation and support related to the interpretation of results and medical issues that may arise. Let's create a long-term cooperation that will be mutually beneficial and successful.

Synevo Laboratories are our trusted partner

Synevo Laboratories chose to be their partner for sampling at the address specified by the client for the city of Sofia. Our mobile team performs home or office visits for research with sample collection in all major areas of clinical pathology, for which tests are conducted in Synevo laboratories.

Laboratories Sinevo

Personalized healthcare solutions for doctors and healthcare professionals

We understand the complexity of your work and are here to provide you with innovative solutions to help you in delivering high-quality healthcare to your patients. With our specialized services as an outsourcing partner, we can help you focus on your medical practice and provide diverse and convenient services to your patients.

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Home Visits

Our experienced medical professionals conduct examinations and consultations at your patients' home. Complementing your practice with this service, together we help patients in need.

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Integrated Health Care

A distinctive service that includes consultation, treatment, condition monitoring and coordination of specialists, which can be upgraded with the advantages of modern technologies.

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Laboratory tests

We offer a wide range of laboratory tests that can be performed in our laboratory. This allows you to quickly and reliably access diagnostic data.

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Prophylactic examinations

We provide prevention programs and examinations to help your patients maintain optimal health and prevent the development of diseases.

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About us

Born from the drive for change and improvement in healthcare in Bulgaria, we believe that health is the basis of the successful functioning of any business. Our mission is to provide innovative and holistic health services that support not only the physical but also the mental well-being of your employees and customers. Our goal is to provide long-term health care.

Your trusted health partner

We are proud to be so much more than healthcare providers — we are true partners in caring for the health of your employees. Our team conscience, experience and vision enable us to deliver truly integrated healthcare solutions.

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